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Artist's Statement

MY LIFE'S WORK, a body of acrylic painting that spans the last half-century, reflects the timeless elements of both folk art and pop art. As “Contemporary Folk Art Pop,” it embodies the primitivism found in folk art through the centuries worldwide. My technique and style also are somewhat primitive or naïve as I am self-taught. I strive for a modicum of sophistication by occasionally alluding to and parodying famous artworks and people in history.  Sometimes, I incorporate pop culture icons, anthropomorphic characters, and one of my grandmothers, Anna Andryc, as message carriers (and alter egos) for social commentary.

I paint figures and narratives to express what is in my imagination about being human in today’s world. Stylistically, I use a bold color palette, hard lines, and flat surfaces to draw the observer into my messages and intent. Besides immediate visual enjoyment, I also wish to provoke thought, to evoke humor, and to send positive messages for problem solving and hope for future generations.  

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